© Neue Bandbreite – Photo by Tobi Kaiser/Siebdruckninjas

© Neue Bandbreite

Arts & Music Festival Somewhere between Amsterdam and Moscow

Once a year non-profit Conscious Madness Festival takes place in the forests of Brandenburg near Berlin. The land belongs to an inter-generational community, focussing on sustainable and alternative living concepts which are also lead motifs for the festival itself. Offering a wide cultural and entertainment programme, Conscious Madness has established itself as a unique gem between the multitude of festivals in the region and beyond.

Hand-made patterns, created through screen printing and acrylic flow art, were most suitable to convey values of mindfulness, culture and individuality, transformed into psychedelic and vivid, digital artwork.

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© Paula G. Vidal


© Paula G. Vidal

© Paula G. Vidal

Project’s Details

  • Branding + Identity
  • Web Design
  • Communication Strategy
  • Event Design
  • Copywriting
  • Video Production
  • Media Management
  • Social Media Management