Brlo Craft Beer: All Colours Are Beautiful

BRLO reached out to me for help to redesign their website and incorporate their new core range of beers and consolidate a patchwork of separate websites into one with a cohesive design. With Webflow I was able to find the perfect balance between advanced interactions and ease of use of the CMS.

What was most enjoyable about this project was working with a team so dedicated to the core values of the company: diversity, inclusion, tolerance – and brewing damn good quality beer while keeping sustainability in mind.

BRLO combines beer culture with fine dining and spots a fabulous restaurant at Gleisdreieck, Berlin as well as some other locations such as Kaschk and KADEWE. Their beer is very well known even beyond the city limits. Keep an eye out for more to come.

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Project’s Details

Client: BRLO GmbH

Role: Webdesign

Year: Late 2021

Build with Webflow