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Alex Plunkett

Freelance Designer and AD

I focus on the spectrum of creative design solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, NGOs and organisations with clear social, cultural and ecological relevance.

Design Practice

My experience includes developing the brand voice for local businesses as well as globally recognised companies. Making sure that the tonality is on-brand in every visual element and every user flow, is essential to creating a cohesive and lasting impression with the audience.

The very foundation of my work is a holistic understanding of the company’s mission and vision for the future. I offer integrative and collaborative consultation for a wide array of design and business questions, aided by a network of industry experts.


  • Market research and evaluation
  • Competitor analysis
  • Target-group identification
  • Product analysis


  • Communication strategy
  • Brand personality
  • Strategic planning
  • Brand segmentation
  • Workshops


  • Project management
  • Project coordination
  • Documentation

I place huge importance on the uniqueness and usability of digital products in order to create an excellent user experience. From sitemap, walk-throughs and user-journeys to website, app or VR-game, I can support in the conceptual phase of complex projects and develop entire projects using common frameworks like Webflow and WordPress.

My experience covers the conception and production of short-films, animations, voice-overs, music and sound designs as well as meeting a range of educational, cultural, social and marketing needs. Communication on fixed timelines is vital to creating emotional and engaging interactions.

Whether it’s a brochure, flyer, booklet or poster, my goal is to find the most suitable print products for your communication needs. Selecting special, high quality materials and sustainable production methods – while keeping your communication on point – is something I feel very passionate about. My experience also encompasses the conception and coordination of exhibits as well as the development of identities for festivals and small events.

I was born in Australia yet have enjoyed most of my teenage years in Europe. After dabbling in carpentry and sound engineering I eventually completed my A-levels in Hamburg. I then returned to Australia to study design at the School of Design / Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. Eventually, I was dragged back to Berlin by the vibrant culture, music and pursuit of a career as a designer. Here, I continue to practice multi-disciplinary design in collaboration with a network of creatives and industry experts.

Supporting projects with clear social, cultural and ecological relevance and making the world a more exciting and fairer place, is something I feel most passionate about.

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phone: +49 15750 691 765


2020–current, Design Lead at Dropscan GmbH

2019–current, Freelance Art Director and Designer, Berlin

2014–2019, Designer at mc-quadrat, Berlin

2014, BA Communication Design,
Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
Specialised areas of study:
+ Design Management
+ Branding and Advertising Strategy

2005–2010, Musician and Sound Engineer, Hamburg, Germany


ARD – German Broadcasting Network

Berlinische Galerie

BRLO – Craft Beer from Berlin

Conscious Madness – Arts & Music Festival

Dropscan GmbH

EyeOpening.Media GmbH

MISSIONARY impact-driven innovation studio

Open Government Partnership


branding + identity

design management + innovation

product + interface design

photography + retouching

motion graphics + animation

videography + editing

sound design + music production

typesetting + prepress

Webflow + WordPress

fluent in English + German


Some of my work is confidential.
Please contact me to view my complete portfolio.